Core Competencies

Experienced engineers and skilled technical experts at SkySight Technologies have the vision and theoretical knowledge necessary to develop innovative solutions to the most challenging needs. In their work with government and private customers, the team has been especially recognized for their ability to meet challenging needs, specifications, and physical constraints, and to integrate governmental technological research into marketable products.At all stages of a project, design efforts respond to customer expectations. Every development is also executed with the end-user in mind, ensuring ease of operator interface in the field. Experience in Design for Manufacturing Assembly (DFMA) techniques further expands the company’s capabilities.


  • Design of electro-mechanical components, assemblies, and systems
  • Extensive undersea sensor development capabilities
  • Littoral environment moored sensor technology
  • Power grid sensors and resiliency
  • Patented ocean bottom trawl survivability system
  • Insect collection for entomological study
  • Turbulent airflow measurement technology
  • Systems engineering

Research & Development

  • Ocean bottom energy harvesting technology
  • Cost reduction and commercialization of undersea sensors
  • High power switching components


  • Low rate initial production (LRIP) capabilities
  • Prototypes and engineering development models
  • Production partnerships for higher volume requirements

Consultation Service

  • Technical consulting
  • Systems engineering by Certified Systems Engineering Professional
  • Custom mechanical design for low or high volume components and systems