Quick Release Connector

The successfully demonstrated SkySight Technologies Quick Release Connector will independently detect an unexpected mechanical load on a power distribution line. At a predetermined tension, the line will be released and fall to the ground, preventing damage to the utility pole and support structure.

Should tension on the power line reach the predetermined release level and trigger a release, the main body of the SkySight Quick Release Connector remains attached to the utility pole. It can then be easily reached for line reattachment.

The SkySight Quick Release Connector uses existing methods and hardware to integrate into the power distribution grid. No special tools or skills are required, making it easily incorporated.

The connector can be sized for alternative distribution line conductors. The Line Tension Release Load can be preset to release from 800 – 4,875 pounds.

Key Features of SkySight Quick Release Connector:

  • Prevents utility pole damage when unexpected load is applied to line
  • Can be installed under power and tension
  • Electrical and mechanical connections made with standard wedge connectors
  • No special tools required to install or reattach line
  • Developed under Department of Homeland Security funding to prevent damage to poles and expedite restoration
  • Patent Pending

Demonstrated Performance Specifications:

  • Voltage: 15.5 kV (95 kV BIL)
  • Current: 600 Amps
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Momentary Current: 40,000 Amps
  • Short Time Current: 25,000 Amps (3 sec.)

Designed and Tested to Meet Standards:

  • ANSI: C119.4, C37.32, C37.34
  • IEEE: C37.30