Downed Power Line Sensor

When a power line goes down, the SkySight Technologies Downed Power Line Sensor has successfully demonstrated its ability to autonomously detect the event and send a “line-down” alert to the utility provider via wireless communications.

The Downed Power Line Sensor also provides a visual and audio alert to first responders and others in the area of the downed line. By changing color, the visual alert highlights whether the line is energized or not. An audio alert sounds if the line is energized.

The Downed Power Line Sensor also provides information to pinpoint the location and whether the power line is energized by sensing voltage and current. This information is included in the alert sent to the utility provider.

The sensor is easily incorporated into the existing distribution grid hardware. A self-powered system, it harvests energy from the power line. It has no external wiring and requires no special tools or skills to install.

Key Features of Downed Power Line Sensor:

  • Provides near-instantaneous feedback that power line is down
  • Senses voltage and current to alert utility provider and onsite responders that line is energized
  • Provides information needed to pinpoint power pole location
  • Self-powered using energy harvested from power line
  • No external wiring
  • No special tools or skills required for installation
  • Developed under Department of Homeland Security funding to help utilities prioritize crew response to expedite restoration
  • Patent Pending