SafeSensor™ System for Trawl Survivability

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As worldwide threats have driven probable conflicts from deep waters to more shallow environments, thus necessitating undersea training ranges in these areas, SkySight Technologies has become the recognized subject matter expert in trawl survivability solutions. Based on extensive underwater experience, the SkySight Technologies’ SafeSensor™ reduces the risk of damage wherever trawl and commercial fishing may pose risk of damage to ocean bottom sensors.

The SafeSensor™ patented solution uses an innovative float design that stands sentry, protecting sensors without additional parts or system complication. The tethered sensor float is shaped so that it orients itself and glides under the trawl rigging safely without snagging and then resumes its original position after the nets pass over it. Full-scale, in-ocean testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of the SafeSensor™.

The SafeSensor™ float can be scaled to accommodate nearly any size or weight sensor package while still retaining a compact form factor for easy packaging and deployment. Acoustic, environmental, and other scientific sensors and hardware can all benefit from SafeSensor™ protection. Other potential applications include surface markers, towed sensors and towed arrays, and objects suspended in air on the end of a line to be pulled over the edge of a deck, platform, railing or bench without snagging.